Diamond Depth Percentage

This is also one of the most important characteristics to look for when you look to buy diamonds and wish to buy the best ones. If you do not know what depth percentage is, here is some important information about the same: The depth percentage of a diamond is the ratio of the diameter of the diamond as compared to the depth of the diamond.

Diamond Depth Percentage 1

There are different ranges for every shape that are considered ideal. Here is the range:

Ideal = 58 – 60%
Excellent = 60.1 – 62%
Good = 62 – 64%
Fair = 64 – 66%
Poor = over 66% or under 57%

With the depth percentage, the table percentage also is considered important. The ratio of the total width with the width of the table is the table percentage. When you are finding the table percentage for the round diamonds, you should take into consideration the biggest diameter. If you look for bigger table percentage, the size of the diamond will increase and the brilliance as well.

The table of range for diamonds is as follows.

Ideal = 53 – 58%
Excellent = 58.1 – 60%
Good = 60.1 – 64%
Fair = 64 – 70%
Poor = over 70%


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