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The Art of Custom Jewelry Transformation

Anything you desire or dream up, simple or complex, Josh Levkoff Jewelry can make it. Josh works together with each client to design unique pieces, which are customized to the individual’s exact tastes and desires.

If you see a pair of Earrings with Rubies, but you want Sapphires, not a problem! Do you like an Engagement Ring design, but want a different height of the stone, surrounding stones, or type of center stone? Our Custom Design Department can alter anything to your liking.

It’s our job to create amazing custom jewelry, but this entire process is all about you! As your very own “Neighborhood Jeweler,” we hope to follow you through all of life’s milestones and happy moments.

Our relationship with one couple dates back over a decade, and they’ve been coming to us consistently for timeless pieces of jewelry. At first, they came to us requesting the complete wedding package: Engagement Ring, Wedding Rings, and then a Wedding Gift worthy of their very special day. At the wedding, the groom presented his bride to be with a jewelry box, saying, “Every year on our anniversary, I will fill this up with a new custom piece from Josh.” And every year since, we’ve been working with the husband on designing a gorgeous new piece for his wife. This is the kind of work we do, and the kind of relationships we build as our clients become family to us.

When designing jewelry, we’re not creating “just another thing you wear,” but rather an exquisite piece of art that is to be used as a form of self-expression over many generations. All of Josh’s clients gain exclusive access to his custom jewelry design studio and thousands of GIA Certified Diamonds and Colored Stones, all of which are of the highest quality and cut directly from our facility in Israel. After stone selection, each client then works with the design team on every aspect of their piece as they watch it come to life in 3D, ensuring that every element represents your unique style.

*Upon approval of the 3D Model, from the computer image, the designer will make a mold of the ring in wax and test to make sure it is structurally sound. Once the wax model is approved, they will inject the mold of the ring or other piece of jewelry with the metal of your choosing. From there, the design team will begin final crafting and setting of your stone(s) to create your perfect, customized piece of jewelry.

**We will not copy patented or copy-righted jewelry pieces. Josh Levkoff Jewelry takes design infringement very seriously.  Copying another designers exact work is prohibited. We can use other design work as inspiration for creating our own custom unique designs

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