Diamond Smarts

Diamond Smarts


Diamond Crash Course

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A Diamond’s cut is not only about its shape, but how effectively it can return light back to the eye. A well-cut Diamond will appear very brilliant; while poorly cut stones can appear dark and lifeless, regardless of the Diamond's color or clarity.

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Clarity refers to the presence of internal impurities, external blemishes, and other visually identifiable characteristics within a Diamond. While not always seen by the naked eye, clarity characteristics are what make every Diamond completely unique. There are no two Diamonds that will have exactly the same inclusions in the same location.

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Carat is a term that refers to the weight of a Diamond, with one carat being equal to 0.2 grams. Before the twentieth century, Diamonds were measured by using the carob seed due to the belief that there was little variance in their mass distribution. From these origins, the carat was born, and has evolved into the standard unit of measurement for gemstones and precious metals.

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When shopping for a Diamond, it is generally preferred to have the least amount of color possible. Diamond color is divided into five broad categories: colorless, near colorless, faint color, light color, and full color. Diamonds that are of the very highest purity are totally colorless, and appear a bright white as light reflects through them.

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Diamond Cut Guide


Diamond Cut Guide

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I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for designing such a
beautiful engagement ring with Jeff. I couldn’t be happier that he asked
me to marry him and receiving such an amazing ring was a wonderful

I can’t stop looking at it today! It’s simply stunning and will forever be something special to us. It’s absolutely perfect!

Thank you for all the work and thought you put into creating it.

Jeff B. – Can’t Stop Looking At It!!
Charleston, SC

Absolute Perfection!

Marvin – Absolute Perfection!

One of the most touching stories we at Josh Levkoff Jewelry have encountered.

“Couldn’t be happier”

Mohsin – “Couldn’t Be Happier”

Ash is so in love with her ring and continues to get complements on a daily basis.

Brannen – Ash LOVES her Ring!
North Carolina

Josh not only exceeded my high expectations, but he also did so in a
very timely fashion with the engagement ring we created. I must admit, I
was pretty particular and picky, but Josh did a fantastic job
customizing my bride’s dream ring. I was also in a bit of a time crunch,
but Josh was great at putting in the extra hours and getting the job
done. He even finished it ahead of the tight schedule, and this was
during the Holiday season!

His expertise and passion helped me out tremendously when picking out
the right diamond. I never felt pressured to upsize and found his
prizes to be extremely competitive and honest. You will not find this
high level of customer service and customization elsewhere! BTW, my now
wife, absolutely adores her ring.

Tim – Exceeded Expectations!!
Tim – Florida